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Project Description

Open Source control panel for Exchange 2007, utilizing HMC 4.5 and MPS Web Services.

Be sure and subscribe to email replies in the "discussions". As you know there are many facets to HMC and MPS, so you never know when you might be able to contribute!

Please Note - The source code is an empty C# web app. Open to discussion on starting with a blank site or sampleprovisioningui...

Get Involved

Sign up with codeplex and post your desired participation level, area of expertise, and any information relevant to the cause. We will send you a confirmation soon after. You may also contact the project owner through "codeplex contact feature".


Nothing to test yet, but we'll alert you as releases become available.


UI for Front-End web application.


C# developers of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

Technical Writers

Details, Details, Details

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